Madelyn Van Tiem Chapter President
Adriana Owenby Vice President of Community Relations
Kimberly Sumida Vice President of Membership Experience
Kaylee Steinbach Vice President of Membership Integrity
Zoe Larson Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Reina Isabel Doten Vice President of Operations
Lila Feldstein Vice President of Programming & Enrichment
Mary Stein Director of New Member Experience
Isabelle Moross Director of Lifetime Engagement
Brenna Schwartz Director of Ritual Education
Eva Adams Director of Academics
Emma Riddle Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Elizabeth Adams Director of Administration
Valentina Carrasco-Silva Director of Panhellenic Relations
Heshani Guneratne Director of Event Planning
Kasey Long Director of Philanthropy
Paige Ramsey Director of Continuous Recruitment
Katie Bell Director of Chapter Culture
Sydney Desjardine Director of Finance